Clevertouch Has Arrived!

Some teaching spaces have now been equipped with the 'Clevertouch' screens to work either alongside or replacing projectors.

These screens can be used in the same way as the projectors using the lectern laptops to manage the content. They can also be used to interact with the content.

Please view the POV video below to see the basic functions of the screens. We are keeping the videos as raw as possible to give the most true to use example.

Startup and Powerpoint

Saving annotations done on the screen

This video shows briefly how to save annotations as a jpeg image onto a USB key plugged into the side of the screen.

Clevertouch current screen locations

This is an up to date list of the Clevertouch screen locations around the campus

Drag up to connect back to the laptop

This is a very brief demonstration of how to connect back to the lectern laptop on the Clevertouch screen

More features will be added to these screens as the software licenses arrive.

The Clevertouch screens can offer audience interaction, audience polling and student 'personal annotating' on mobile and laptop devices.

If you would like to know more about the screens, their capabilities or just trying them out with some assistance, please get in contact with the eLearning Team.