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Ear Training Drills

Working systematically through the exercises in this Field will help you develop your ability to:

  • Discriminate subtle auditory distinctions between speech sounds
  • Transcribe speech phonetically using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)
  • Classify consonants and vowels using three-part phonetic labels

Set A focuses on consonants and is sub-divided into four categories: (1) Manner of Articulation, (2) Place of Articulation, (3) Voicing and (4) Phonetic Variants.

Set B focuses on vowels and is sub-divided into two categories: (1) Vowel Pairs and (2) Vowel Features. There is also a series of Vowel Tutorials which you may find helpful to work through before tackling the exercises.

Click on the appropriate menu to select tasks and follow the onscreen instructions. Click on the IPA chart for a full list of phonetic symbols.