Accessing Your Study Timetable

If a student has successfully online enrolled then their study timetables can be access via these steps: 

  • Scroll down to the very bottom of the page.
  • There you will find a black tab with a link entitled "Staff & Students" in the far right hand corner.
  • Click "Staff & Students".
  • Clicking that will present you with a red bar. Click the link called "Learning Space"
  • You will then be taken to Learning Space (your virtual learning environment that you will use on a regular basis as a student).
  • Log in using your username/password log in (the one that allowed you to online enrol).
  • Once logged in click the tab on the top right hand corner called "My Marjon" and scroll down to the "My Timetable" option and click.
  • You will then be able to access your study timetable.

*Please note that the creation of new timetables is a lengthy process and therefore some courses will not be able to view their timetables yet. If your timetable appears blank, do not panic. Students whose timetables are not currently ready will be by 5 days before the start of their course* 

In addition, if you are confident that you have successfully online enrolled, as well as registered, and can still not log into Learning Space to access your timetable, please email

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