Making Friends

There is nothing wrong with being independent but sometimes everyone needs a good friend, especially if you are moving away from home for the first time. At times like these it is only natural to feel lonely sometimes when you are separated from friends, family and familiar places.
Often the best way to combat these feelings and help you to settle in is by meeting new people. Be friendly, smile, join in social activities on offer (as can be found in the What's on Guide 2017) and try something new!

There are a range of volunteer opportunities, both one-off and longer-term with local charities. You can build up your volunteering hours towards an award.
There are also opportunities wth the Student Union, just pop into their office or check out their Facebook Page. Find out how to become a Student Rep; join or start a society or club; volunteer with the Student Union; or just simply get involved in their events! 

The Chaplaincy also has a range of volunteering opportunities and holds regular social events for students. Many of the events they hold are not faith related, but they always include food! Their Facebook Page has more information about their events. 

If you do find yourself feeling a bit lonely or homesick or you have any concerns or personal issues that are stopping you from feeling at home or joining in, you can make an appointment with our Well-being Signposting Service (email or drop into the Chaplaincy Listening Post (or email for an appointment).  

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